Where do you get our yarn?

Our woolyarn is for sale here in Gilhaga in our farmshop and in our webshop . Farmshop is open daily between 11-18. Other Yarnshops Garn í Gangi – Kaupvangsstræti 21 – Akureyri – Garnigangi.is Garnbúð eddu – Strandgata 39 – Hafnarfjörður – Garnbudeddu.is Handknitting Association – Skólavörðustígur 19 – Reykjavík – Handknitted.is/ Handknitting Association – […]

Ær Medium

Ær is yarn made out of wool from grown ewes in our region. Ewe is an adult sheep. In the fall sheep are shorn as they are housed for winter. Wool is brought to us from nearby farms, furthest away around 90 km. The Ewes have roam grazing the arctic highland in north east part […]

Bee checkup on Saturdays

We open up our hives around noon on Saturdays this summer. We take a look into our hives, find the queens, check with eggs, and feed them. Feel free to visit and learn about our beekeeping. Our farm shop is open daily from 11-18

How do we turn wool into yarn?

How is sheepwool brought into a knitting yarn? How much yarn is possible to get from one sheep or lamb? What are the Icelandic sheep colours? What colours will the yarn turn into? The answers to these questions and much more can be found in Gilhagi. Here in Gilhagi, we run a small woolmill at […]