Family farm

Gilhagi is established out old farm Gilsbakki.
around 1962 are built on the farm.

Farm out of Gilsbakki

Orginal Gilsbakki is established around 1900.
gilhagi 1 built out of Gilsbakki around 1930.
With generational change, the lands are divided
into Gilhagi 2 og gilsbakki
Than orginal Gilsbakki had been deserted.


The farm is established as a sheep farm
Forrestry began parallel the farm 
Sheeps breeding was put on hold around 1997 and resumed 2018.
Forestry was set on full force when sheep breeding was paused.
With genertational change 2018 new owners resumed farming.
Beekeeping began 2015, goats arrived 2019
Býflugnarækt byrjar 2015. Geiturnar komu 2019.


As a sheepfarm Gillhagi has big grass fields
forrest was orginal as a shelter from weather.
Forestry began later more precise to plant forrest
When coming to gilhagi you can enjoy the peace and stillness of the suroundings
Walking patch and restareas around the farm.