How do we turn wool into yarn?

How is sheepwool brought into a knitting yarn?
How much yarn is possible to get from one sheep or lamb?
What are the Icelandic sheep colours? What colours will the yarn turn into?
The answers to these questions and much more can be found in Gilhagi.

Here in Gilhagi, we run a small woolmill at home on the farm.
Wool is from farmers in our local area between two glacial rivers.
We have a small farmshop in our mill where you can see the process,
buy our yarn and witness the stillness of the surroundings.

Visit us in Gilhagi.
Say hello to Kappi our dog, the bees and the ducks.
If the weather is nice, take a walk around the forestry.
Bring and eat your packed lunch in a beautiful and quiet setting.

Greetings from Gilhagi
Brynjar Þór and Guðrún Lilja