Gilhagi is a farm in Öxarfjörður, Norðurþingi.
Sheep and goatfarm, forrestry and honeybees.
Woolmill and a farmshop.

Farmshop is open daily from 11-18


Small family run woolmill in Gilhagi.
Locally sourced wool strictly from our region.
Directly bought from farmers, processed at the farm.
Spun into pure Icelandic, undyed woolyarn.

Activity í Gilhagi


In Gilhagi, for many years forrestry has been a big part of the agriculture.
Gilhagi has various fun walking paths and picnic areas.
You can walk and enjoy nature with coffee or a cup of tea, and enjoy eating ice cream with birdsong and let the stillness sink in.

Walking path

Shorts walking trails can be found around the forestry, straight from the farmshop.


There is constant work in creating beautiful picnic and leisure areas. They are added as the forest grows.


Birds seeks into the forrest and nests. Our honeybees finds nectar on trees and flowers. Rooster, hens or duck, Ducklings or goat with its kid can been seen.


Enjoying tranquility and nature is extremely rewarding and rejuvenating. Take your time and enjoy.


In the farmshop you can get refreshments such as coffee, tea, and soda in the summer heat. Artisan icecream tops a great trip.


Bring your packed lunch. Get your add on in the farmshop, find a quiet place and enjoy.

Our yarn


Bees has been kept in Gilhagi since 2015.
The bees help fertilize flowers and flourish our parks.
Beekeeping in the arctic north will always be a challenge and an exciting hobby.

On Saturdays this summer you can stop by Gilhagi and get acquainted with beekeeping.
See the flies and get to know the activities of a beehive.
Possibly up close but also at a safe distance



Product range


You can buy woolyarn for your knitting project or as a gift to a knitter friend. Also few knitted product.


You can get few good and intresting books.

Food products

Grillmeat and meat starters from Fjallalamb.
Icecream from Skútaís. Artisan milk icecream from the dairy farm Skútustöðum near Mývatn. Different and various flavors
Soda and soft drinks

Coffee or tea

You can get a cup of coffee or tea.
Sit down outside and enjoy the nature.

Farmshop is open daily from 11-18

Family farm

Gilhagi is a family run farm.
Brynjar Þór and Guðrún Lilja bought the farm of Brynjars grandfather.
Took over the forrestry and revived the sheepfarm with adding on goats and other animals as well.


Brynjar Þór
Guðrún Lilja Dam



Sheeps, goats, honeybees, chicken, ducks, horses and kappi the dog.


In the woolmill is a small farmshop where you can get our yarn, various drinks and addons to your lunchpack or trip.


We welcome groups to Gilhagi. Both to our woolmill and other gatherins at Gilhagi farm.


Trees have been planted since yearly years of the farm. In the recent years big areas has been used for planned forest.


Forest and nature around the farm create great places for outdoor activites. Enjoy the nature and stillness with a small walk around our area.

Walking paths

Short hiking paths can be found in the area. Some of it created by sheep