Ær Medium

100g~200m - Needle size 4,5-5,5
Knitting gauge 18 sts on 10cm.

Ær is spun wool from ewes roming in the arctic north Iceland.
Natural colour undyed woolyarn fully biodegradable locally sourced.
Ær in icelandic means Ewe.

Natural colour

Ær is an undyed woolyarn.
The yarn is in natural colour and is 100% pure icelandic wool.
The icelandic sheep has beautiful and dynamic colour range perfect for yarn and your knitting project.

Icelandic wool

Locally sourced

We only buy and process wool from our region.
Our region is in north east part of Iceland.
Wool is locally sourced and travels furthest 90km to mill.
Ær can be used for most knitting project and patterns.
Suitable for various knitting project as sweaters, vest, mittens, hats and socks to metion few.


100% pure undyed icelandic wool. Locally sources in our region in the arctic north Iceland.

Length & Weight

100m ~ 50g
200m ~ 100g


The yarn is 2 spun threads. There for it is 2 ply

Needle size

Most used on needle 4,5-5,5
Can be used with needle 3,5-6,5

Knitting gauge

Gauge on needle 4,5-5,5 is
17-19 sts on 10 cm.

Fits for

Sweaters, vest, neck, mittens, hats and socks.

Colour range

Charcoal white
Light Grey
Dark Grey
Brown Badgerface
Pure woolyarn

For various projects


Ær is perfect for both outdoor and cosy indoor sweater. The yarn is soft and warm, suitable for various knitting patterns. Check your knitting pattern for correct amount of yarn.


The combination of the two coated fleece of the icelandic sheep makes the yarn perfect for hats. The yarn is light and warm over your ears.


The icelandic wool can be felted with great results making our yarn great for warm mittens and socks.


The yarn is surprisingly light and soft making it perfect for light vest or neck. Turtleneck made out of Ær is a must have.

Family farm

Gilhagi is a family farm.
At Gilhagi we keep sheep and goats, you can also find bees and forestry here.
Home on the farm we run a woolmill and a farmshop selling ours and locally produced goods.

Brynjar Þór
Guðrún Lilja Dam


Farm in Öxarfjord
Brynjar and Guðrún Lilja bought the farm in 2018 of Brynjars grandfather, who built it up along with his wife and children from yearly 1960. 


Sheep, goats, bees, chicken, ducks, horses,a cat and a dog.


In the woolmill we run a little farmshop, where you can buy our yarn and products along beverages and other to enjoy while visiting Gilhagi.


We welcome all sizes of groups. Where you can learn about our woolmill and about our farm. Various gatherins can be held at Gilhagi.


Trees have been planted since yearly years of the farm. In the recent years big areas has been used for planned forest.


Forest and nature around the farm create great places for outdoor activites. Enjoy the nature and stillness with a small walk around our area.


Short hiking paths can be found in the area. Some of it created by sheep.

Welcome to gilhagi

If you are traveling in north east iceland.
You are more than welcome for a visit at Gilhagi.
Farmshop is open daily from 11 am – 6pm