Wonderfull wool

Short transport for wool to the mill
Environmentally friendly product that is produced and processed in harmony with the environment.


Home at the farm

We process wool from our local area.
Wool comes to us from farmers in the fall.
The whole mill process takes place at our farm.
Washing, combing, spinning and finishing touches.
Every process from sheep to your knitting needle.

We process wool bought from farmers in our local area.
The wool comes to us in the autumn when sheeps are housed for winter.
Sheep has grazed summerlong on the arctic highland.

Icelandic weather conditions is pretty unpredictable.
In the blink of an eye, it can change from sun and heat
into rain and wind and nights can be icy cold.


The Icelandic sheep is from the category of Northern-European short-tailed breed
The wool has 2 types of threads, Þel and tog.
Þel is short, thin, warm and soft threads.
Tog is longer, stronger, keeps away rain and wind.
Together they form unique qualities in the yarn.
Both soft and warm but also strong.
The wool is not dyed so the natural
olors of individuals sheeps shines into the yarn.

Our products


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Bulky - MEdium